To be completely honest with you guys thinking about all of this makes my stomach sick. Even as I sit here and write this I am not only getting angrier at this situation but also turning my stomach. I absolutely love this brand and everything it stands for. I’ve owned three new Ducati’s that I’ve purchased from ********** since 2008. I’ve owned a two other Yamahas since I started riding in 2006.

The following is a brief synopsis of the issues I’ve had with my 2013 1199 Panigale. I have copies of the phone records, a large stack of service records, and all of the maintenance logs. Additionally, I have the receipt for every tank of gas put in this motorcycle with the miles written on it.

I have spoken, but not retained, legal counsel in this matter. They’ve informed me that, based on my version of the facts, I have a clear cut lemon law case. They keep calling me asking me about this and wanting to pick up the case. I think it would be more cost effective for DNA to deal with me directly. I want more intimate knowledge of how this process works and how DNA treats its customers.

At this point, I’ve come to know a lot of people in this brand. Ducati is more of a small family to me than a business. I wouldn’t sue my family. And my family wouldn’t stab me in the back either. I’m hoping we can work together to get me back up and riding on a safe and reliable motorcycle.

I bought this bike from ********** in March of 2013. Since then it has had the following issues:

  1. When the bike was delivered to me it wasn’t disclosed that it had a broken headlight assembly and something else broken involving the headlight. This was not disclosed to me when I brought it in for its FIRST of THREE OR FOUR lower right side fairing replacements months later. When I picked up the bike I looked at the paperwork and it stated “headlight assembly” type work was performed. I inquired with ********** what happened and she informed me that it was broken when the bike was delivered that they had ordered the parts for it. I left the conversation at that. However it is apparent they knew the bike had broken parts but didn’t want to deal with it at that time. I believe the bike was down for a day or two for these repairs.
    1. Fairing Replacement 1
    2. Headlight assembly and headlight
  2. ********** Ducati did a 2nd fairing replacement on it – this is an interesting story. I went in for the replacement and sat around and waited for it to be finished. I would regularly walk back there just to see the progress that took place. At this point I’ve been there for 2 hours or so and I hear pounding on metal. So I get up and look, and this tech is hammering on my exhaust in-between bites of his pizza. I literally started laughing and walked back in the shop. What is someone going to say when they see that? Turns out, the guy was hammering the exhaust spring that kept burning a hole through my fairing out of the way. At this point I didn’t care, a fix was a fix. When I got home I checked over the motorcycle. I noticed that the exhaust head shield was extremely loose and had A LOT of play in it.
    1. Fairing Replacement 2
    2. Exhaust head shield not tightened
  3. ********** Ducati oil leak 1 – bike went in for minor oil leak
  4. ********** Ducati oil leak 2 – bike went in for minor oil leak – it took me a few days to look over the bike, but when I did a small inspection on the bike at this time I noticed a very serious and deep star socket impression in the right side engine case. While the tech was working on the bike, he accidently slipped a tool into the engine case causing a very noticeable and deep indentation. I immediately emailed **********.

Untitled3 Untitled2

********** said he would order the parts, and look at the lower right side fairing that had once again, started burning through. ********** ordered the new engine cover, lower fairing and replaced the parts.

  1. ********** Ducati oil leak 3, front fork assembly
  2. ********** Ducati oil leak 4, bad stator, bad battery
  3. ********** Ducati oil leak cam over, oil leak alternator cover, bad clutch master cyl took 8 days to repair
  4. ********** Ducati E-LOCK Light, fuel pump howling, picked up on Nov 8th Dropped off Nov 18th 10 days to repair

CURRENT ISSUES: Bike is leaking oil out of two places, the top valve cover again, and now where the kickstand attaches to the motorcycle completely fell off while riding and almost flipped the bike. Oil is now leaking all over my garage floor from that point. The bike is held up in my garage on a front and rear stand. I’m in talks with ********** to come get the bike and fix these two oil leaks, the kickstand, and the damage caused to the bike because of the kickstand falling off.

Details about one of the oil leaks above: The bike was picked up by Ducati on 7/15 at 10:23AM.


The phone call above is the guy picking up my bike. This is on 7/15/14. I did not hear from ********** until I made a phone call to them on 8/6/14.


On this date, he told me, that the bike oil leak had been fixed and they were waiting for new front fork assembly. That there is a known issue and the front forks aren’t rebounding and they noticed it on a test ride. It’s covered and the parts should be there soon. It wasn’t until 8/22/14 that I got a call that the bike was ready. I immediately drove down and asked if I could leave my car parked there. At this point 39 days have passed with the panigale in ********** possession. I drove the bike 2 miles down **********. Almost immediately the instrument cluster began flashing all the service lights, check engine, ABS, oil level, etc. and the cluster began to dim until it eventually went off. Fearing the motorcycle would not start, I drove it immediately back to ********** and parked in front of the bay. ********** and I walked out and tried to start it, no go. ********** asked how long I had to wait, I said I would pick it up later. Let me know what the problem is. ********** called me later that day and said that the stator and battery are bad and they would be replaced. About 1 week to wait. I got a call on 8/27 to pick it up. Picked it up 8/27. This is now a total of 44 days in ********** possession.

We pick up the bike and head north bound on the 55 at about 80MPH I hear a pop and the rear end starts to float. The sensation is similar to sliding on ice. I was able to regain control of the motorcycle and turn around to see a billowing cloud of white smoke. I have a video of this if you want to see it.


I was able to park the bike and have ********** pick it up within an hour. I called ********** the next day and they picked up the bike from my on 9/2/14. ********** calls me on 9/3 to inform me to engine damage has taken place and that the bike will be ready in 24 hours because the sealant needs time to setup. They’re also replacing the rear tire for me as a safety precaution (tire was new to begin with.) I asked them to keep the bike for 48 hours because the sealant has failed numerous times and I want it to cure completely before picking it up. My records indicate the bike was delivered on 9/5. At this time this is 53 days the bike has been nonfunctional and in ********** care. As soon as the guy drops off the bike, I immediately go for a ride down the street. The rear brakes are nonexistent. I have a significantly hard time stopping. Turn around, pull into the driveway, call ********** and he says bring it in, we’ll put new rear pads on. I drive it in the next morning and he replaced the pads.

I asked them to look at the fronts too, as I might replace the fronts while we’re at it. They’re at 50% no need for replacement. The rears were at 20%. Keep in mind this bike has 8400 miles on it. This bit of information, along with the fact that I do oil changes every 1,500 to 3,000 miles instead of recommended 7,000 miles display the fact that I take pride in this bike and do everything I can to maintain it properly and go above and beyond the required maintenance. ********** told me that usually guys are getting 5K miles at most out of their pads, I still have 50% left after 8,400 miles.

********** replaces the pads 8/6/14. This is 54 days that the bike has been in the shop. NOTICE: On my paperwork is says the bike was received in shop at 8/5/14. This is NOT true. The bike was picked up at 10:23 on 7/15/14. When I asked ********** why it didn’t show it, he said he would look into it. When I spoke with him about it the next day he gave a vague answer stating that there was a clerical error and it’s just how they input bikes into the system.

Bike is working okay. Also at this point, ********** has ordered new exhaust pieces and ANOTHER FAIRING because it’s burning a hole through the side AGAIN. This is replaced around 9/10.

Fast forward to 9/28, I sent an email to **********, bike has yet ANOTHER leak coming from the top valve cover area. Same spot as the previous oil leaks. I inform ********** I want to proceed with the lemon law procedure and to please start the process. I didn’t hear anything back from ********** until 10/8 when I emailed him asking for an update on the issue. He stated that I need to contact DNA. On 10/9 I began emailing and calling DNA and Ducati to start this process.

It wasn’t until yesterday, 10/25, that I heard back from someone about this issue.

At present, the bike has an oil leak, small, on the top valve cover area. A kick stand bolt fell out while driving and rattled and make the bike jump almost causing an accident. There is now damage to the exhaust, the kickstand, the left lower fairing and no exhaust bolt. ********** is picking the bike up on 10/28 at 9:30am.

This is a basic summarization of the events involving this bike. There are a few other things that the service records will show. I do have most all the receipts for the oil changes I’ve performed as well as the fuel records and receipts showing each tank of gas it has had since I purchased it.

I would like this bike replaced immediately with a new one with a new warranty. I would prefer to receive an upgraded model “S,” as mine is currently a base model. I believe this would be the ideal replacement for the time I’ve spent dealing with this.

At this point I have not spoken to anyone about my specific issue. I have not said anything bad about DNA, or **********. I do not plan on writing any negative reviews, or posting anything about my particular experience on websites. I have faith that my issues will be handled and remedied above and beyond my expectations, and in a timely matter. At this point, the ball is in your court. I would like someone to call me, and speak to me personally on behalf of Ducati to explain what and when you guys are going to remedy this. My direct line is **********.

Some other notes in closing – this bike has put me in two potentially life threatening situations. If either of these situations happened under different circumstances, there is a real possibility I wouldn’t be writing this email. We all know motorcycles are dangerous, and we assume those risks openly. There becomes a point when the risk cannot be mitigated and a line has to be drawn. I no longer feel like this motorcycle is safe to ride at speed or in a stress inducing manner. I’m not a superstitious person, but I think we can both agree, no one would want to give it a third chance to seriously hurt, maim or take your life.

Ride safe guys and gals, I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

UPDATE AS OF Oct 29 2014 –

********** has gotten in touch with me. The issue above regarding the kick stand falling off, and the oil leaking from the left side, and the oil leaking from the vertical cam cover. These are three separate issues that happened to occur all or around the same time. The issue in regards to the vertical cam cover is the same oil leak issue that has plagued this bike since its first 500 miles or so. This is now the 4th or 5th time this part has leaked on the bike. The lower left hand engine seal is completely new issue, as is the kick stand falling off. The bike was picked up by ********** on 10/28/14.


The bike was dropped on November 5th by **********. The bike had to have the same cam cover resealed (5th or 6th time it’s leaked.) It also had to have the alternator cover resealed. This is the same cover that had to have the stator (or alternator) replaced in a previous repair by **********. This was when the electrical issues with the bike were apparent. ********** diagnosed it as a bad battery and a bad stator and they replaced those parts and resealed the alternator cover. This seal has failed and had to be resealed. They also had to replace the clutch master cylinder. At this point the bike still has a lot of cosmetic damage due to the kickstand falling off and causing damage to the plastics and exhaust system on the bike. DNA has instructed ********** not to replace the cosmetic parts because we’re in the buyback process.

IMPORTANT: Upon receiving the bike back on November 5th I rode the bike a few miles up the street and back. Later that night I rode the bike again for a longer 8-10 mile round trip. Halfway through the trip the bike starts displaying E-LOCK! Over 5K RPM. The check engine light would also come on. I have pictures and video of this happening.


********** picked the bike up on November 8th and dropped it off on November 18th. This is 10 days to repair this issue, but because it is within the same time frame as the last repair, ********** recognizes it as the same issue and same time frame. Therefore we are up to another 18 days it took to repair this issue. Additionally, at the present time the fuel pump is making a howling noise with each key turn. ********** said they could not replicate the issue, however there is another problem in regards to the fuel system of some sort.