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akdave8 from Clinton Township, MI owns a Panigale 1199. Like hundreds of other customers, he too is experiencing the dreaded oil leak issues. In this situation, instead of Ducati roadside fixing the situation immediately, they told him to part it at his friends house and have the dealership arrange to pick it up later. That is not the proper solution. The proper solution would be to pick the bike up and store it in a safe and secure place and the dealer go pick it up when they could.

akdave8’s exact quote is:
“Unfortunately, I think my 1199 has the dreaded oil leaking on left side exhaust after first service.. luckily, the bike or fairing didn’t catch on fire, but I can confirm parts of the story that led to the fire of elitesolder’s panigale from one of the prior posts..

Got my first service done last week and so far drove only 100 miles.. Prior to l last couple rides, when I first started I noticed a mechanical type (‘tick’ ) sound after I started up the bike, but I looked around and didn’t notice anything. Yesterday, I smelled a burning fuel type smell and looked down by exhaust and barely some burned stuff on end of the left exhaust pipe. Still, naive me, didn’t want to believe that my bike would have the problem.

Today, I fired up the bike and went to my friends house about 10 miles away. First thing I noticed, the pops from exhausts were too frequent and occurred even when I wasn’t shifting and just idling at red lights. Then the engine felt like it heated up too fast and I could smell the fuel/oil burning and it felt like this wasn’t the bike I rode up until last week and the exhaust pops were even more frequent. By this time, I was at my friends house and turned off the bike immediately, then I head these frequent mechanical ‘tick’ sounds (quite loud and they were still present five minutes after I turned the bike off). Then I proceeded to look down the left exhaust by the fairing, and voila! , there was a nice thick line of oil coming down on the exhaust (yes, I confirmed by touching it and it felt like oil) and more of the burned oil noticed on the top of the exhaust.
I got the footage of the mechanical noises and the oil on the exhaust for the records.

Least to say, I was super pissed, and proceed to call Ducati Roadside assistance and explained them the situation and told them that I won’t be riding the bike as there may be danger of fire. The guy got my information and said since its night, just park the bike at your friends house and the dealer will pick up the bike tomorrow.

I just wanted to get some advise on anything else I should keep in mind when I discuss this with the dealer tomorrow. And I must thank all the users who posted on the issue, as I wouldn’t have known about it if it wasn’t for this forum.”