If you were to go searching the interwebs you would find hundreds of websites and forum posts related to Ducati bikes failing mechanically and Ducati North America providing the utmost worst customer service.

In an effort to try and change Ducati North America’s customer service standards for the better, we want to make all potential customers aware of the customer service you will receive should you experience an issue with your Ducati motorcycle.

    Ducati North America has a history of denying warranty claims.

They have been guilty of denying warranty claims for customers whose bikes are covered under both the federal emissions warranty and the 24 month Ducati warranty. In most of these cases, the parts were covered and replaced by Ducati, but the stress and strain that the customer had to go through to argue and get it covered is RIDICULOUS. Listed below are first hand accounts of what some customers have experienced while working with Ducati and Ducati North America.

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