A Ducati customer has provided us with a copy of the legal documents that that Ducati is requiring customers to sign upon surrendering their motorcycle for replacement or repurchase.

After review, we’ve come to the conclusion that these documents should NOT BE SIGNED by the customer before surrendering their motorcycle to Ducati.

The contract, below, includes a 1542 clause with indemnifies ducati, and its dealers of any claim past, present and future. You essentially have no legal recourse should you need to pursue it.

The contract also includes a NDA (non-disclosure agreement.) This states that you will not disclose the terms of your financial transaction with Ducati. This is detrimental to the community because you cannot discuss with other customers what the solution was and how Ducati handled your situation.

NOTE: IF YOU ARE completing a buyback transaction with Ducati, make sure that they include any extra terms that you negotiated. As stated by the customer who provided this legal document, they informed us that Ducati has purposely left out of the contract certain things that were offered for the repurchase, such as $1,000 parts and service money to be used at any dealership, as well as a first service to be paid for by Ducati. If this information wasn’t included in the document, and you sign it, you will not be receiving those added benefits and Ducati North America could recant later.

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