One thing that is becoming apparent with Ducati motorcycles is that when they break, which they will eventually (as most things mechanical,) they need to be repaired by a competent repair shop.

One such experience Santly (a member at has had with Ducati, was involving his 2009 Ducati 848. He Has had the bike at Cliffs Cycle Revolution, a ducati dealer in 465 Federal Road, Brookfield, CT 06804
(203) 740-1270 —

Saintly’s Complaint is summarized below:


Let’s say, hypothetically, that my 1 year old, purchased brand new, 848 has been down since March.

Basically, the check ingine light comes on like a pinball machine, it stalls continuously, occasionally cranks with but does not start, backfires, has black smoke coming out the pipes, surges & bucks real bad.

It has been back 4 times to a ducati dealer who’s name I wish not to mention at this time. Each time they have it for 2-4 weeks and return it to me without correcting the problem.

I’ve missed the entire riding season so far, missed 3 events that I planned to attend, because the bike still sits in the dealers service dept unfixed.

I’m getting nowhere quick, and frustration is setting in. I’ve called the number for Ducati North America that is listed in the owners manual (408) 253-0449 three times. I never get a human, always recording. I left a detailed message about the issue a few days ago.

I have also used the “contact us” feature on ducati’s website and yet still nobody has contacted me.

Getting a sick feeling about this whole nightmare and beginning to think I made a real mistake buying this brand.

So is there any way to rattle the cage and get someones attention high up?


Saintly has tried appearling to Ducati North America through the proper channels (phone and email,) and was not receiving a response. Ducati North America was essentially ignoring him. In his situation, he has in his possession a completely broken, unsafe motorcycle.

The funny thing, this pissed Santly off so bad that he purchased a new motorcycle. A Kawi ZX1000. He updated the forum thread with:


________________________________________ Forum Member HeloA&P had an excellent point:

“Ducati NA is a joke…. get a lawyer, sue the dealership for the price of the bike and the cost of the attorney fees. Any sane judge will rule in your favor. I mean seriously, if you have documentation for of the problem then there should be no issues.”



Saintly gives us a detailed update of his progress with DNA:

Update: I got my bike back last week. After getting in touch with Ducati North America, an entire new engine wiring harness was shipped over from Italy and installed on my bike.

I’ve had it back for a week and It still surges and stalls, but now the check engine light does not come on and the black smoke out the pipes is no longer.

However, the bike was returned to me missing fairing screws, wrong screws in the fairing(wrong color). my charcoal canister, hoses and brackets are missing, and I’m leaking oil at a pretty good rate.

Here’s some photos of my pride and joy after being in the dealership since March 27 2010. ^^^^ ABOVE ^^^^


As of July 13th 2010 Santly still has not received a reply from DUCATI NORTH AMERICA regarding his motorcycle.

This seems to be a common occurance with Ducati North America.

Saintly updates us again at 4 months and 9 days of his bike being down:


Just an update.

I am still without my bike, August is upon us, and it looks like I’ll be Ducati-less for the entire 2010 season.

My bike has now been down for a whopping 4 MONTHS and 9 DAYS!

Originally dropped off on March 27, 2010.

Thankfully, I purchased another bike last month and I’ve been getting my knees in the breeze, otherwise I’d be ready to choke

Saintly did eventually receive a phone call from Michael Lock (DNA CEO at the time,) after a member at supplied his contact information. Mr Lock contacted Saintly and have Austin Gray, DNA’s Technical Director, get in touch with him and get a resolution to the case.

The issue was resolved shortly after. After wasting months of time and taking the bike to a different dealership did the issue get resolved.



The entire thread containing Saintly’s complaint can be found: