Ducati Cross Country Cycle in Metuchen New Jersey Review: DO NOT have your bike services or repaired here. This dealership is known for causing problems on peoples motorcycles.

We came across a YouTube video of a Ducati customer with a NEW Panigale. It rode it 53 miles home from Cross Country Cycle in Metuchen New Jersky. When he got there, he was unable to put the bike in neutral and park it. Why do you think this was? Because the dealership DID NOT properly set up the bike.

When you buy a motorcycle from a dealer, NEVER pay freight and set up. Why should you NOT EVER pay freight and set up? Because its an unneccssary addition that the dealer makes you think you have to pay. Most customers that buy motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATV’s, etc. are smart enough to negotiate out the freight and set up of the bike.

Heres a perfect example, the dealership demands that you pay freight and setup to cover the cost of them uncrating the bike and assembling some of the parts. What happens when they dont?

Look at this customer who bought a BRAND NEW Ducati 1199 Panigale from Cross Country Cycle–

The video shows that the dealership did not properly set up the bike.

Cross Country Cycle in Metuchen New Jersey Review

In addition to the review above our Cross Country Cycle in Metuchen New Jersey, we were also able to locate some more reviews about the dealership on Google.

John DeFini
4 months ago-
First off….I can never get a hold of them on the phone. Service and sales numbers go right to voice mail, plus there VM system is not even setup correctly.

Bought a used bike from another dealer and it had issues. The dealer I purchased it from took it to Cross Country as they are the closest BMW dealer. Cross Country performed a fuel pump recall but dismissed the actual problem the bike had. They said it rides fine, within spec and nothing comes up on their diagnostics…have a nice day. The bike has a serious problem and the selling dealer felt it, I feel it and others who ride near me can even hear the horrible misfiring and choking. This dealership seemed to not want to be bothered at all.

I ended up taking it to a far better dealer in PA. Quite a hike but this other dealer actually enjoys servicing motorcycles and are true “enthusiasts”. Do yourself a favor, look around before you go here. The location is great, the facility is modern but if you’re looking to get service from a polite and helpful staff…….forget it!!!


Another customer of theres makes a very good point about the battery on his brand new bike. The dealership did not keep it on a tender and let it sit for months at a time. Obviously this causes the battery to die. When you recharge the batteries, they do not perform to the proper standards as they should.

Brian McCord shared his experience with Cross Country Cycles and their horrible service department:

DO NOT GO HERE! It took 2 hours to get my GS 650 Sertao from the showroom – they said the battery was low and the bike wouldn’t start. I had to replace the original battery in less than a year and the new one in less than a year. The front fender broke because it was missing a critical reinforcement peice. None of which was under warranty. The manager Scott Barkey was a total jerk. Avoid this place if you want a quality bike and good service.