After current Ducati customers read about an experience one owner had:

Ducati customers expressed some concern in purchasing the new model of motorcycles:

Ducato, of, had a good point. He was already wary of purchasing one of the new 899 or 1199 bikes – and the post above solidified his response:

“Why don’t you go sit down with one or more attorney? All the legalese might not even be legal in California per lemon law and consumer protection.

If I were you I would get my money back and cut the few $ losses and above all never ever sign that waiver.

I was hesitant to buy one 899 or 1199 in 2015 but this ordeal is a cold shower, especially with the dealers in Los Angeles.”


The members response to Ducato:

You know, I’ve had multiple people message me and post on here and other forums that they wouldn’t ever buy an 899 or 1199 after reading this.
I’m not quite sure what to think about that. Yes, there are dozens and dozens of horror stories out there about oil leaks on Pani’s and MULTIPLE electronics issues -but there are a lot that we don’t hear about that have absolutely nothing wrong with them. That being said, I’ve bought many new vehicles and motorcycles. I’ve never experienced anything like this myself. Ever.

Until this saga (to use another members word,) is complete, I do not know what the moral of this entire thing is yet. Is it not to buy a 899 or 1199? Is it not to own a Ducati? Is it, not to have your bike serviced at Ducati Newport Beach? Is it that Ducati North America has the absolute worst customer service and doesn’t care about us as customers?

Its probably a combination of those things. If you really want an 899 or an 1199, I wouldn’t let this stop you from buying one. Just be prepared to deal with any one or combination of the mechanical problems that I experienced with mine. Be prepared to go through a similar situation should you decide, or be forced to pursue a buyback.



Another member that we spoke to, LordsOfTheCereal, had a very obvious response:

“These kinds of threads make me really weary of the new bikes. I think I’m going to avoid picking one up for a few years….”


The members response to Lord OfTheCereal about not wanting to purchase a new Ducati:

Hi LordOfTheCereal- I cant say that I blame you about not wanting to purchase a new Duc. At least until they step up their customer service and rectify the issues with their current customers. I’m trying to butter the bread equally on both sides, as I plan on staying in the brand and don’t really want to dissuade someone from being apart of the Ducati family.

The most positive people I’ve spoken to have had older Duc’s that they were capable of repairing themselves OR the people with new ducs that, go figure, didn’t have any issues.

In my experience, owning something that you maintain in good repair is potentially more rewarding than a bike that you take to the dealer for service. In the past, I’ve enjoyed my vehicles and toys more when I performed the maintenance and repairs on them.

The guys here have moved me towards picking up an older bike to enjoy to wrench on. I have the tools, the room for more tools and the patience(obviously.) I also have a few different size hammers… in case… you know…

There was also a great point from someone about not using a dealership to perform the warranty work on your motorcycle. They mentioned SBK Corse- In the SoCal area, they are probably the ideal place to go. The way it was explained to me is that they aren’t a retail dealer, where 70% of their money comes from the service department and warranty repairs.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do or purchase, and be sure to let us all know