Francisco of Harbor City, Los Angeles visited Ducati Newport Beach on 3/13/14 to have his 7500 mile service done on his 2013 M796 for a grand total of $802. All was fine an well, until 5/4/14 when Francisco was on a charity ride for a childrens cancer research center and his bike began flashing warning lights at him.

Unable to finish the ride due to the warning lights going off, Francisco got the bike home and reviewed it. At 7997 miles, approximately 500 miles after Ducati Newport Beach “master technicians,” worked on his motorcycle he found two hoses that were disconnected from the motorcycle and just sitting there.

After Mike, owner of Ducati Newport Beach, reached out to him, he updated his Yelp review explaining his concerns about Mikes dealership not checking customers bikes properly.

This is a familiar story in regards to Ducati Newport Beach and not fixing customers motorcycles correctly.

On this particular customer, Ducati Newport repaired the motorcycle over a DOZEN times and could never fix the bike correctly.

Franciscos review can be found below:

@ Michael G. This is the right dealership , I didn’t call you guys back right away because I wasn’t going to waste more time and money on a dealership I don’t trust.
I hope your mechanics double check everything is good to go before returning motorcycles to customers.

1.0 star rating 10/24/2014 Previous review So I went there for a 7500 mile service for my 2013 M796 and paid $802 for it on 03/13/14, I got a warning light on 05/04/14, I was on the PEDIATRIC BRAIN TUMOR ride for kids event, that I couldn’t finish because of this. I checked around my bike and two hoses were disconnected, not cool for me riding like that….. I thought since they had “master technicians” they could do a good job and with all the good reviews I saw here, it was a good place. This is s disappointment for me.