According to reviews written on (a website where present and past employees write reviews about their employer,) Ducati North America is a horrible place to work.

There are currently two reviews written there giving ducati a total of 1.5 stars. In fact, one of the few positives that the employees quote is that the dress code is lax and they arent required to wear business attire. The others, are that you get a FREE MOTORCYCLE! and FREE GEAR!

I’m not so sure if those “perks,” are worth the cons that the employees list. According to the two past employees on Ducati North America page Ducati North America company has horrible health benefits and their office has absolutely NO ORGANIZATION and the managers SUCK.

Read the reviews for yourself:

A former employee in management, Regional Business Manager (Former Employee), Cupertino, CA – writes:

PROS: Great products, horrible management and
September 26, 2013
Pros: free motorcycle, great co-workers, free gear, awesome products, great company to have on your resume
Cons: no hr department, no bonuses, no structure, no organization, italian management

Ducati North America is a great place to work. For about two years. This is the average burnout here as they take you enthusiasm and love for the brand and work you to the bone. I was there for 3.5 years and finally after asking every year got my first review right before I left. The management is horrible, unorganized, and shoots from the hip on everything. However the saving grace of the company are the people you work with (but not the people you work for).

A Logistics/Inventory Lead (Current Employee), writes the following about being an employee of Ducati North America:

the job was 2 miles from home, my commute was great
Cons: health benefits are not comparable to other companies, high stress office environment
This position allowed me to gain an enormous amount of additional experience working with the production and inventory modules of SAP. Ducati recently migrated to SAP when I was hired, I was able to bring my past knowledge to the team as well as increase my existing knowledge base.