Desmolicious, a member of, lives in Venice, CA – He owns a 2006 800ss with 3K miles on the odometer. He experienced an issue where the fuel tank was rusting on the inside and the rust particles clogging the fuel filter, resulting in the bike not getting fuel.

Ducati North America denied Desmo’s claims and stated this was due to environmental conditions, and would not be repaired.

While there are two sides to this story, it sounds like another example of Ducati North America scamming its customers.

“So I have a 2006 800ss that has maybe 3000 miles on it. Perfect shape, looks like new. Always taken care of, parked in a closed garage in SoCal with a full tank of gas.
Bike starts to run badly, like a fuel starvation problem. Lo and behold the gas tank is merrily rusting away from the inside clogging the fuel filter, resulting in the fuel starvation problem.
Take the bike to the shop, Ducati will cover the gas tank under warranty, right? Wrong. Ducati has refused my warranty coverage claiming the damage is due to “environmental conditions”. The gas tank is covered under the emissions warranty (that every bike in the USA has) which is in addition to the standard bike warranty. This warranty is for 5 years from the purchase of the bike or 18,641 miles, whichever comes first. It’s all in the owner’s manual. Within that it also states limitations to this warranty. “Environmental conditions” are not mentioned.
This is so bogus and I am furious. I have older bikes (and an older Ducati) sitting in the garage right next to the 800ss, they are all treated the same and have no rust in the tank issues.
I feel that basically Ducati NA is treating the warranty that it provides in a cavalier manner, not in the intention of the contract.
Buyer beware. Your Ducati warranty may be worthless.”

UPDATE: Desmo’s claim is further updated when he disputed Ducati North America’s denial. He argued that there is no exclusion in the warranty documentation that would exclude “environmental damage.” Ducati North America changed their position to say the claim was denied instead, because the tank rust is not considered as effecting emissions.