The pictures shown here are located on Melanie Perazo’s public facebook page.

Melanie Perazo, works for Ducati North America as a receptionist/customer coordinator. She also is one of two people in the US that handle customer complaints and lemon law cases for Ducati. She does seem to have many job titles at DNA.

Melanie Perazo is picture below smokin’ the reefer.

Based on this information above and the complete lack of common sense and ethics at Ducati North America, is of the understanding that this company provides a  Drug Friendly Environment. can only surmise that the employees at DNA are constantly stoned.

The employees here and Ducati North America are lazy, slow to respond to customer inquiries and are scamming loyal customers. The bottom line is: They care very little about a product you spent ten’s of thousands of dollars on and when it isn’t acting as a paperweight in the shop, its trying to kill you while driving it. For more information about Melanie Perazo, check out