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Pirate, from and has posted some information regarding an issue with his 09 1098. He is experiencing isssues with the instrument display fogging up and causing it to be unreadable.

He too has dealt with DNA and had a claim rejected by them. Ducati North America even recognizes it as a problem and has the dealer remove the instrument display and clean it with vinegar. Thats a stupid idea, as it wouldn’t do anything except remove lime scale deposits from the cluster. DNA was insistent that this was a fix. I wonder what the line item was on the service order.

I don’t mean to go off on a rant here but I have to share. I’m still in shock from the lengthy phone conversation I just had with a very robotic and unsympathetic customer service rep at Ducati-USA in Kaleefornia.

The back-story: Took my 2008 Ducati 1098 to the local dealer (Meyers Ducati in Asheville, NC) a couple of weeks ago to fix a fogging dash under warranty. The bike fogs up on virally every ride.. Some days it’s worse than others. Some days I can’t read anything.. RPMs, speed, clock, temp, etc.. Some days the fog is just centered at the top obscuring just a certain range of rpms.. This is what it looks like on a good day. (see pic).

A few weeks ago, I called the main office and this same customer rep OK’d a fix which consisted of the dealer taking the dash apart.. cleaning the back of the lens with vinegar. They assured me this would solve the problem. They agreed to cover the labor. I said fine.. If it works I’ll be happy. I’m easy. I should mention that this is a VERY common problem with the new 1098 s.. Many 1098 owners I have spoken have actually received a new dash from Ducati to solve their problems. I guess that started running into serious money so now (they tell me) they agree to clean the lens only. Fine.

Last week I had the dealer do the fix. It didn’t work. No difference.

Today I called Ducati USA at 408-253-0499 and spoke to the same young lady and explained that her fix didn’t work. She said.. She hated to hear this but that’s all they were willing to do. Say what?? ..

I said.. Are you telling me that you don’t care if I can’t read the instrumentation on my new $15,000 motorcycle..? She said of course I care.. We’re just not going to do anything about it.

I said.. Are you telling me that Ducati will NOT stand behind their product and fix this obvious design flaw in order to keep this customer happy? She said.. We want you to be happy.. We’re just not going to do anything about this problem.

I said.. What would YOU do if you went out and bought a $15,000 car and when you drove it.. You couldn’t read the dash? She said.. I’d take it back to the dealer for repair.

I said.. OK.. How is that different than this situation? * crickets *

I said.. Are you telling me that if I tell you right now that I’ll never buy another Ducati unless you step up to the plate and repair my bike.. you’re still not gonna repair it? She said.. That is correct.

Unbelievable!! The young lady refused to let me speak to anyone higher up. She was cool the entire time. I didn’t rip into her (as is my nature) as I could tell she was just telling me what her superiors had told her to say.. and she sounded just like my daughter. But I made it clear to her that this would NOT be the end of this.. She suggested I write a letter. I told her I would but I’d also share the experience with my peers all over the www.

Does this level of apathy strike anyone as shocking? Or is it just me? Makes me really appreciate the treatment I’ve gotten from BMW, Yamaha, and MV Agusta through the years.

Opinions? Comments? Suggestions?

Tomorrow I’ll call the local dealership (which didn’t want to do the FIRST fix) and then the dealership where I bought the bike to see if either will do something to help me.. I’ll report back with my findings.