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We’ve been following Pirates issue regarding a fogging dash on his brand new Ducati.

The Part 1 of his saga can he found here:

From reading Pirates complaint, it does sound as though he was misled greatly by the staff at Ducati North America. They simple told him that the fogging dash – was not a problem. Mr Lock, Ducatis CEO at the time (2009) called him personally and stated he would have it looked into.

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Well my fellow Duc owning brothers.. here’s the long awaited follow-up and conclusion to my recent post.. Ducati NA: Worst Customer Service I’ve Ever Seen : Part 1

You can do a search and re-read the original post to get the gist of things if you suffer from ADD or just missed it… Just after the post, I heard from Michael Lock.. CEO of Ducati NA. He received my letter concerning my fogging dash problem which featured a play-by-play weepy report of what his customer service rep had told me. He said he was “shocked” to hear it and that he would speak to both her and his entire customer service team and then get back with me.. (I didn’t ask him if he meant “truly surprised” or the feigned “shocked” like Louis in Casablanca). His concern sounded promising. He was on the road when he emailed me and he had mentioned that he had actually seen my original post here and at 2 other chat sites.. He was NOT happy. He told me he wished that I had waited to speak with him before posting. I can certainly understand that, but I also added that if MY customer service person had told one of our customers what HIS customer service person had told me.. I would EXPECT to see post(s) like mine all over the www. and that he should look elsewhere for a place to lay the blame. He told me he’d contact me in 2-3 days after he spoke to all the parties involved. Fair enough.

The sun crossed the sky 4 times… then I received a well written long reply from Tony Munoz.. Customer Service Manager for Ducati NA… Apparently he was handed off my complaint from Mr. Lock. He was “concerned” that I had “misinterpreted” the conversation from the original customer service rep. Hmm… misinterpreted.

After reading the multi paragraph letter from Tony, then running it through a SKIPJACK cryptographic algorithm developed by the NSA to unlock encrypted communication, I deciphered the following two truths that apparently Ducati NA is incapable of saying in simple terms to the public..

A. There is no fix for the fogging dash problem.
B. We apologize.

While I will NOT post Mr. Munoz’s reply to me as it just between me and him.. I will post his explanation of the dash issue. ” the dashboard display on your 1098 is vented to atmosphere. The dashboard has been specifically designed to be sealed and waterproof, while still allowing ventilation in order to equalize internal and external pressure. As a result of this design element it is possible for condensation to form on the inner surface of the display under certain environmental conditions, such as high humidity environments or rapid changes in temperature. The condensation has no long term effect on the display unit, and the condensation will dissipate as the inner temperature of the display rises. This is a normal function of the display unit, therefore, replacing the display will not alleviate this condition.”

He “inferred” that should I move to a drier climate such as..oh.. Death Valley or.. Casablanca …the fogging issue would disappear. Fair enough…

What really gets my panties in a wad is…. if someone had just been honest with me up front and told me the truth.. that there is no fix… I would have just stopped whining and learned to live with it. Hell.. I’m used to living with design flaws as I also own a BMW.. Otherwise I love the Ducati. What is it with these huge companies.. or politicians? The words ” I apologize” just do NOT seem to be in their vocabulary. Do they think it denotes weakness? Wouldn’t it be refreshing if just one suit stood up in front of us all and said… “we’re sorry” ..?

OK.. so there is no fix…What now? I asked them if there is anything they could or would offer me in lieu of compensation? Court side Tickets to the US Open Final? a deal on an Ohlins upgrade? a jacket? key chain? a form letter telling me how much I’m appreciated as a customer? ALL suggestions cheaper than (1) $1400 new dash…. Mr Munoz actually was kind enough to send me a “care package” that actually included a key chain, a form letter telling me how much I’m appreciated as a customer, and a few incidental goodies left over from their events totaling around $70. O, well. It was kind of Mr. Munoz to offer something… I guess. If anyone wants a RED Ducati tee in XXL PM me… I’ll sell it cheap.

So my friends… this kinda brings this weepy story to an end.. Hope I didn’t come off as just another loon with an angry keyboard. My purpose of all this wasn’t to rip Ducati per se as I LOVE what they are doing for us enthusiasts and I love my 1098.. I’m just sick and tired of the lack of accountabilty these days. I hope I didn’t get Rachel (the CS rep) fired. She seemed like a very nice young lady..

PS. One positive thing may come out of all this. The next time I get pulled over for speeding and the trooper asks me ” Do you know how fast you were going”.. I can honestly say.. “I have no idea officer.. I’m riding a Ducati.”.. and I can actually point to my dash and prove it. Might just get me out of a little trouble.