John Bernsten is an employee at Ducati North America. He seems to be the “strong arm” for DNA.

His sole job seems to be to get you to accept the lowest possible offer regarding your claim against DNA. Doesnt matter if its screwing your over in the process. They will not be compensating you for your time, physical or mental anguish in dealing with their product.

John does not return emails to Ducati clients and will flat out ignore your phone calls and emails for up to a month at a time. He also fails to return emails and phone calls from your attorney. DNA and Johns own voicemail state they will return customer calls within a couple of days. This simply is not true. As many people have experienced, they simply ignore you.

John also has a poor attitude.He has no idea about the specifics of the situation and will immediately start making statements and demands about how the situation is going to be handled.