Melanie L. Parazo of Ducati North America can be reached at the following email address:

If you’re calling Ducati North America and trying to reach someone regarding your Ducati Lemon Law case, she is probably the one you will speak to.

BE WARNED- she will not return phone calls in a timely manner and will tell you that she is “only 1 of 2 people that handle customer care concerns and warranty claims for the entire Untied States.”

She will not call you back for months at a time and will send you emails stating that she is out on vacation. She seems to take a lot of vacations. Once that excuse is worn out, she will tell you that she was out sick.

I am beginning to understand why Melanie Perazo isn’t able to remember to call customers back and fails to keep appointments as promised. Pictured below is Melanie partaking in a little cannabis usage.

Not that it bothers at all, and apparently Ducati North America is a Drug Friendly Environment.

Melanie appears to fit the stereotype that stoners are lazy, slow and forgetful. Her inability to take care of Ducati customers is apparent.

melanie perazo

Melanie Perazo smoking marijuana